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Hi Sidney. Happy Halloween!

It's always nice to see children in costumes. My husband and son went trick-or-treating the other night and had a terrific time. I posted some photos on my blog.

Take care!

Tara H.

Nice photos. Very cute :-)


I love the second shot!


Love the second foto. It's absolutely great. Very nice halloween series. I haven't commented here for a long time and I just wanted to tell you again how good your street fotography is. Keep shooting!


After yesterday's humourous Ghoulish Girls, these are three lovely kid shots and, I don't know why, but I like number two even though the little girl seems a little scared by something that's going on, off camera.


:-)) funny!! they must get scare from all adult monster around them, poor kids, great capture:-)

Martin Fuchs

the kids look scared... ;-)


The children it seems that they are gotten upset or they scared. Beautiful photo.


Oh dear, those scary costumes have done their job!


awwwwwwwwwww, I told you they were all scary!!! lol :D Great shots!


I would be too if I was that little boy in red!


Kids is all about wysiwyg. I see they are scared, tired or just wants mommy. NIce shots, Sidney.


Another great set of shots, Sidney. So cute! I guess you guys don't celebrate Thanksgiving over there, but my Filipino friends here do!


kakatuwa naman mga kids, mukhang sila ang natatakot sa mga kasamahan nilang naka custome, haha/ nice photos...


Love the bottom one. The kid looks scared. Of you?

J A M  I E

They crying was bound to happen. Happy Thanksgiving!


Kids can be so cute and funny at Halloween.


ey ur still awake ??

love the top portrait!cute little boy :)

nice shots :)

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